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        I was born in Philadelphia, and raised in New Jersey, in a time when the world was simple, men wore ties to baseball games, and Bruce Springsteen ruled.
​        I come from a large Italian family. Although I only have one brother, my dad is # 7 of 8 siblings, my mom the youngest of 13, so with 65 cousins and assorted others, we are a big group.
​        I'm closest with my cousins Amelia, Cindy, Jean, Gina, Karen, and Dino. We share a lot of interests and therapists' names.
​        My husband, Mike, is a meteorologist. We've been married for 40+ years and have two children -  Anthony, the "rock star", a former sound engineer in the recording industry, and currently working for the MLB Network, who is married to Heather; and "Princess" Gina, who is a preschool teacher; and our foster daughter, Anne, who is a personal trainer and life coach. We also have a three year old grandson, Maxwell Mercury.  We live in Dutchess County, NY with our two cats, Mickey and Mattingly.

        We live in a nice little house we call "The Shu Box", in a nice little town in New York state, where everyone knows everyone and everything you do.
I didn't start out to write books for children. My very first and still unfinished manuscript (a preface and four chapters) is a historical romance set in the civil war era. My second and (also) still unfinished manuscript is a contemporary romance with a little paranormal activity thrown in. 
​        Although I've written several other books for children, they remain unpublished - and in the hands of my agent - the ever encouraging (and unfortunately, too honest) Michael Bourret at Dystel, Godrich  & Bourret LLC.
​        A few of the stories I'm hoping to get published soon are about my cats, who take up a good amount of my time. Others include a bilingual tribute to my baby brother and our Nona, and miscellaneous scribblings for toddlers. I wish I could share them here, but, hey, they're not copyrighted yet.
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Photo by David Spagnolo
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